About Me

Howdy, I’m Rebecca! I am a unicorn-loving, hand stitching, adventure-seeking, coffee drinking twenty-something adult wanting to grow up young.

How I got started: My crafty mom adored every disproportionate animal painting that I made as a child.  She encouraged me, through my dramatic tears, that my creations were beautiful.  While I was in college, she collected all of my splatter/mixed media/finger paintings that I wanted to throw away.  Through my, more grown up, tears she encouraged me that she loved my wild style point of view.  After graduating from Texas A&M, can I get a whoop?, I married my best friend and moved to a coastal town in south Texas.  When trying to find a post graduate stress relieving hobby, I of course settled into painting again.  My husband dug out my competed, and still wet, paintings from the trash.  I hated every piece that I tried to complete.  I finally decided I was done with the tears over paintings I didn’t think were good enough.  That is when I found hand embroidery, and the angels sang.  I fell in love after the first piece.  Though it was not the most refined piece of embroidery, it looked just like I wanted it to. My paintings never, and I mean never ever ever, turned out the way I planned… thus explaining all the tears.  I threw away my paint brushes, and bought some needles and thread. I have even opened an Etsy store to be able to share all of my stitch-y creations with the world.

Why am I Blogging?  I finally decided to start blogging after much encouragement from my husband.  He noticed that I am most joyful when I get to create and share.  I hope to get to do that with all of you.  Stay around for crafty tutorials, graphic design freebies, yummy recipes I have found, fun printables, and life lessons from a crafter.